Does Collagen Cause Weight Gain?

Weight gain is one of the prime concerns of everyone. Everybody understands its negative effect on health. People like to maintain a perfect diet for the entire day. But many people do not prefer to include any collagen supplement in their diet Does Collagen Cause chart thinking this might instigate weight gain.

But do you know that collagen is the most popular supplement that even your favorite celebrity takes? However, suppose you are still not convinced that collagen is not a threat to your body. In that case, we are here to mention how collagen works in the human body so you can understand if taking any Organika collagen, or any other collagen supplement is essential or not.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen, primarily found in our hair, joint cartilage, ligaments, skin, nails, and bones, is a kind of protein that is quite abundant compared to the others. This protein, though very small, contributes a lot to our body. It is one of the most vital parts of all the major organs of the human body which helps people to look youthful. That is why it is believed that collagen is the building block of the human body.

But why do people want to avoid taking collagen supplements? The answer is simple. They think it acts the same way calories and carbohydrates do in our body, building extra fat. But does collagen do that? To remove any confusion regarding collagen, we have mentioned if it works as an instigator to gain weight, and if not so, then what does collagen do in our body? 

Does Using Collagen Help To Gain Weight?

Being such a small protein, collagen plays a big role. However, though it is believed to be an important part of the human body, some people do not prefer to consume any collagen supplement or Organika-enhanced collagen protein because they are concerned about gaining weight. But no, collagen is not the one that helps the human body to gain weight. On the contrary, it helps strengthen our joints and bones and maintain healthy body weight. 

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Build Muscle

You must know that building muscle is essential for our body. It is not just for looking good on the sea beach; building muscle is important for being physically healthy. In short, the more muscle strength you have, the fewer you have of getting serious injuries or fractures. But how can collagen help to build muscle strength? Many of you may not know that almost 10% of your muscle tissue is made of collagen. So, collagen is directly linked to building your muscle.

You might get a little confused thinking about how muscle strength can help to maintain a healthy body weight. It is rather simple. Muscle strength determines how effectively the human body can burn calories and fat. In simple words, your lean muscle can help your body maintain healthy body weight, helping to have a healthy metabolism. 

Joint Health

The cartilage between the joints is made of collagen. It is also essential to keep the human body healthy. However, as we age, the cartilage tends to lose its strength as it starts to break down. At this time, consuming any collagen supplement or Organika-enhanced collagen can be helpful. It can reduce joint pain, promoting strength and mobility of the body.

Improves Heart Health

Do you know that collagen is also one of the most essential things to maintain a healthy heart? This is because the artery walls of our heart are made of collagen, providing them with a structure. But if your body lacks collagen or is aging if you do not consume any collagen supplement, your heart gets weaker.


However, consuming organic collagen supplements helps to make the heart’s arteries healthy, strengthening the heart even after aging.

Feeling Full

Consuming calories or fat is the key factor in gaining weight. But when we do not feel full and want to eat something, we tend to eat whatever we like. Though most people try to consume refined carbohydrates, that does not help the body. The micronutrients make people feel satisfied, but they build more fat.

But collagen, on the other hand, makes people feel full but does not accumulate any fat in our bodies. Protein supplements also keep the hunger hormone, Ghrelin in check, making the body feel fuller and balancing the body weight.

Beautiful Skin

Collagen is essential for having beautiful and healthy skin. Taking collagen supplements keeps the skin hydrated and prevents wrinkles, and fine lines, helping the skin look younger and firm. But with aging, the production of collagen slows down a bit. As a result, the skin starts to look sagging and older. 

But consuming collagen supplements maintains the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, it helps the skin to regain its beauty and youthfulness. It is also believed that collagen can be more beneficial for the body and skin than the famous protein powder like Whey.

Hair and Nail

Many people are concerned about their hair but for nails, it is either a few or only women who care. Those who are concerned about their hair or nails, do not worry. Eating an adequate amount of collagen supplements can help you maintain your hair and nails health.


Do you get irritated thinking your metabolism is responsible for gaining body weight? Well, you need to think about it twice. First, maybe it happens because you have not been consuming enough collagen-enhanced food supplements or something is wrong with your food choice. 


If you start taking the right collagen supplements while maintaining a healthy diet, it will help you in the long run. This is because collagen helps build lean muscle mass. This muscle mass is essential for burning more calories which in return, balances your metabolism.

Bone Strength

Maintaining healthy bones is always essential to stay healthy. But it may not be your prime concern, especially if you are young. But as people grow old they start to lose their bone density. It might become a bigger issue in the future by causing serious health problems. Your bones can get so fragile that you might have multiple bone injuries and fractures with aging.

But consuming collagen supplemented food or any collagen capsule from Organika Canada can help people maintain their bones’ strength. It can also protect middle-aged people from age-related bone issues or deterioration.


As one of the protein supplements, collagen is a lot more misunderstood and abundant. Few people know about it. Much less want to try it out, fearing they might get fat. But the thought that collagen might be an instigator in gaining more body weight is nothing but a well-circulated myth. Though we do not consume collagen primarily for losing weight, it helps a lot in doing the same.

Collagen supplements not only make the body feel fuller, but they also support our metabolism by improving its speed. As a result, people do not gain weight and their body weight remains balanced. Besides helping your body maintain weight, collagen supplements help make the body stronger by building lean muscle mass, strong bones, etc. So, if you ever feel like not consuming collagen at all, think again and try to remember how collagen supplements can help your body.

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