How To See Your Most Played Songs On Spotify

There are some if you’re looking for a way to see your most played songs and artists on Spotify. We’ll let you know them all; keep reading further!!!

It’s no secret that people love to hear music. As technology keeps perfecting, it’s easier than ever to pierce our favorite music. One of the most popular ways people hear music moments is through streaming services like.

Spotify is a digital music service that allows stoners to millions of songs. It’s available in over 60 countries and has over 140 million active music lovers. Also, because it’s so popular, we decided to look at the methods by which we can see the most played songs on Spotify.

loves to give music suckers extensive information about their listening habits. More lately, has been telling music druggies if they are in the top 1 of suckers of an artist based on how frequently they hear it. However, you are in the sanctioned top 1% of fans if you listen to an artist 99% more often than other people.

Do you also want to know your most played songs and come to the Top 1% fan of your favorite artist?? So let’s go through the ways to do so:-

How can you make Spotify show your most played songs?


Still, you must have an account, If you want to see your music. Your piece will appear right main window, where you can control which songs appear.


You can also find the Show Me button in the main window, which gives you control over which songs are shown. The button is in the top left corner of Spotify.

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Still, it’s frequently delicate to go back to your most-played songs and artists; if you close the window, you are presently opening when you start Spotify. You might be dissatisfied by the lack of variety in the hunt results. 

It may be helpful to try the following way to view your most played songs:-

  • Elect” played” from the list of options.
  • Click the Play button on the left side of the window.
  • Elect” Hide” so you do not have to scroll down

Can you use Stats for Spotify to see the most played songs on Spotify? 

You can try the “Stats for Spotify” website to check your most played songs, favorite artists, and more regarding your music preference and taste.

How you ask, well, it’s easy. Just follow these steps:- 

  • In the Spotify app or on a computer, open Settings.
  • Go to your profile and select “See All” to view your stats.
  • Use the “” mobile app to connect to your Spotify account and reveal deeper stats and perceptivity.
  • Use a third-party website to induce other stats or get a humorous take on your musical tastes.
  • On 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek. It is one of the largest music streaming service providers, with over 422 monthly active users.

Business model-

  • It operates under a business model that essential services should be provided for free.
  • To its users to gain market share. It also generates revenue by offering some premium services like ad-free music to premium users, and also pay-per-click services are provided to gain play.

Spotify for artists-

  • Spotify introduced fan stats, letting artists and managers access data on monthly listeners, geographical data, music preferences, etc. 

Can we use Spotify Wrapped to see the utmost played songs on Spotify?


From what I understand, you can use Spotify Wrapped to show your most played songs/ artists. You’ve presumably noticed that your musketeers are starting to partake in their top Spotify songs and other streaming habits, courtesy of Spotify Wrapped.

Want to do the same?

  • Tap the down arrow to move down from all your stats.
  • The last shows you the artists you’ve heeded the most. It’ll show you the list of the top 100 songs.

It can also show you how numerous twinkles you’ve spent harkening to Spotify and what was the first song you played at the time. This can also show you which genre you’ve heeded the most.

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