Is Bol TV innocent or just a victim to media politics?

Labaik Pvt Limited, a parent organization of a recognition plant alongside Bol TV, is being media politics examined by two of the most influential men in Pakistan’s publicizing industry as one of the most impressive promoting organizations

Fouad Hussi, the previous CEO at GroupM, Raihan Amir Merchant administrator of Z2C Fouad Hussi, previous CEO of GroupM, Raihan Amir Merchant director Blitz publicizing are offended parties. The claims are documented February 7, 28, and on March 26th. The offended parties are looking for harms of Rs500 millions, Rs1.5 million and Rs650 millions in penalties, which sums Rs2.65 trillion ($16.02million).

Fahad Sultan Barrister of Sultan and Sultan, expressed that “all things considered it is practice here to normally cite this preposterous sum.” The sum is only from time to time granted since it is a necessity to show and break down the harm you guarantee. Since individuals can’t demonstrate they’ve experienced harms criticism the courts won’t grant the sum. The courts really do grant harms, but they’re typically lower than the sum expressed.

Sources said that BOL TV was the one to air the supposed hits since it neglected to help notices through Z2C, Group M and Blitz Advertising for various years. The justification for this was the clashing relationship with BOL TV, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, (PEMRA) and the Pakistan Broadcasters Association. An inspector for the media informed Profit that Kantar doesn’t have evaluations from the BOL network] which implies that Kantar can’t acquire income from these associations.” “There can be no reason why media politics clients ought to be worried that the channel isn’t Kantar. Evaluations are the essential consider settling on a channel for media plans.

Benefit likewise gained reports from the media business’ organizers about BOL TV’s connect media politics to an ex-recognition plant is establishing a strained climate for leaders in the business. The channel over and again has committed infringement of PEMRA rules on criticism and disdain discourse, as well as scrutinized the strict convictions of its watchers and showing express satisfied. Thusly, worldwide and neighborhood publicists are purportedly reluctant to promote with a channel that comes up short on underwriting of PEMRA and PBA, and airs content that possibly disregards brand security conventions – media politics which the CMO Council says can bring about brands being liable by-affiliation.


Not long after PEMRA had suspended the licenses for BOL TV in 2017 and BOL Entertainment 2017, any remaining TV channels started to print promotions for PBA inside media politics their papers in Pakistan with a subtleties of the charges against Labaik Pvt Limited and BOL TV.

BOL TV got a Rs1,000,000 fine before this year when the host of the BOL TV program took part in profane and improper discussions with candidates of female orientation. Likewise, the Islamabad High Court additionally prohibited the show from broadcasting from now on and banned the host from being conceded some other jobs.

Publicists have griped that rehashed infringement of wellbeing norms for brands and the refusal to help out exchange relationship of the business and a reluctance of the controller, made media organizers be mentioned to avoid all transmission and computerized channels constrained by Labaik Pvt Limited, from being thought about while making media plans.

Benefit was educated by master media organizers one regarding the underlying strides for permitting BOL Network to be considered as an arrangement for media is to Kantar rate it, the product is utilized in MediaLogic. Industry specialists expressed that BOL couldn’t enter markets without having the authorization from the significant three telecasters regardless of many years of connections through HUM TV, GEO TV and ARY.

BOL TV and BOL Entertainment are real
Sources say that MediaVoir was established through Labaik Pvt Limited in 2017 following its dismissal of MediaLogic rating of low for BOL TV as well as BOL amusement. MediaVoir is a rating and positioning firm that professes to offer exact data on the propensities for watchers at home and patterns. The rating organization, which is diverged from Media Bank, The Media Trackers and MediaLogic says it will give definite outcomes and more profound bits of knowledge at a lower cost.

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MediaVoir along with Breeo International and The Media Trackers are completely authorize by PEMRA TV Rating organizations according to PEMRA. PEMRA specifies that candidates should have no transmission media licenses or landing privileges approvals from the office. MediaVoir has proof that recommends that this standard was not met because of its relationship in Labaik Pvt Limited.

various endeavors to assist with supporting the transmission of shows on numerous endeavors to help shows that were communicated on the BOL TV channel network are a sign of the associations with MediaVoir notwithstanding Labaik Pvt Limited. Three profiles that reference MediaVoir in Linkedin guarantee to be related with the endeavor when they were utilized by BOL TV.

The video rating for May 2017 office put Samaa News fifth with a 0.61 rating. Geo News was fourth with a 0.87 rating. Dunya News was third with a 1.03 rating. ARY News was second with the second spot with a 1.16 rating. BOL Television was the first, who presented Bol Tv game show.

Prosecution for slander against TV channels
In a discussion with Profit Sultan guaranteed that there are two sorts of slander Criminal under Section 499 PPC , or common under Section 499 PPC or the Defamation Ordinance.

To have the option to fulfill the segment on criminal the individual should demonstrate that the individual had the expectation to be slanderous of the individual. In common matters even the most careless of articulations can do the trick however long the slander was unveiled. There are various protections to this sort of guarantee as a denounced. You might decide to deny the whole case, or contend that you committed nothing “defamation” or “criticism” or “criticism,” or guarantee that the case is authentic or valid. For this situation, the right to speak freely of discourse is likewise going to assume a part.

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According to the case book there have been various maligning claims against TV channels brought by business and political pioneers. The result isn’t sure since they depended on open records. Roshan Al Kanasro Waliullah Bangto documented a claim to Abb Tak TV Channel for a Report that guaranteed Manzoor Kanasro (Director General of the Cultural Department) and his sibling Roshan Ali Kanasro (Director General of the Cultural Department), had purchased unfamiliar properties that included billions of rupees tax evasion through an organization known as Waliullah Binto. King said that the legitimate groups in-place of media organizations manage notification of brand name encroachment as well as notices from PEMRA.

“Most cases don’t go to preliminary until the end, so an appointed authority is probably not going to be delivered in these cases.” He expressed that respondents who accept they’ve committed a misstep or don’t need legal counselors addressing them or chance their standing by battling the issue in court are probably going to determine the issue beyond the court.

King announced that it is the obligation of the offended party show that the income misfortune was straightforwardly inferable from the slander. It is, be that as it may, challenging to decide how much misfortune altruism.

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