NDIS Audit Process: A Guide For Providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) conducts an audit to assess the service providers working to provide services and support to its participants. This audit is conducted to identify the problems in each service provider’s organisation, and while some service providers take it as a troublesome process, it is the opposite.

Preparing for NDIS audits can be a lot of work, but it makes the organisation identify its flaws and improve itself. As an NDIS service provider, it is your job to ensure that everything is in place before the audit is conducted so you can pass the audit and can be identified as the service provider who complies with the guidelines. 

If you are a new service provider who has just started with the program and doesn’t know much about the audits and how to prepare for them, here is the guide to NDIS audits for you.

Fronto Advisory helps providers in. They have an experienced team of advisors who are well-versed with NDIS guidelines and ensure that the providers get everything right for their scheduled audits.

Become A Registered Provider

There are two types of providers under NDIS registered and non-registered. The difference between these two types is that registered providers are the ones that have gone through the screening process of NDIS and are registered under the program. In contrast, non-registered providers are the ones that simply choose not to go through that process. In order for the audit to take place in your organisation, you will need to register yourself first. There are no audits for non-registered providers.


Understand The Policies

You cannot pass your audits or work diligently without keeping the official policies in mind. NDIS has a set of rules that it expects service providers to comply with, and one of the reasons for conducting audits is to check whether service providers are performing within the boundaries or if there are some faulty activities in the business that are completed. Understand the policies and make your employees comply with them so there are no chances of error.

Difference Between Verification And Certification Audit

Verification Audit

Verification audits are generally conducted once in 3 years and consist of low-risk activities. Small organisations that provide low-risk support to the participants are assessed in this audit. Since it has low-risk activities, it is usually conducted off-site and is less expensive.

Certification Audit

A certification audit is a more advanced level and thorough investigation which is done on-site and has multiple levels. It takes a few months to complete this audit, including document review, on-site assessments, and interviews with clients and team members to have complete information on the organisation.

How Can You Pass An Audit?

NDIS audits can seem very difficult to the new service providers, and we can agree that they are stressful sometimes, but you can always take majors to pass the audits. Here are some tips to help you pass your next NDIS audit.

1. Prepare Documents

To ensure that your audit goes smoothly, you should first prepare all the required documents. Last-minute preparations can lead to mishaps which is why it is advised that you start preparing as early on stage as possible.

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2. Do Self-Assessment

Self-assessments can help you go a long way. Before official auditors come to your organisation, you can do internal audits to identify any non-compliance activities. This will help you set things right before your official audit.

3. Provide Evidence

You cannot claim anything without proper Evidence; hence, you need to prepare Evidence for all the entries in your documents so that you can justify yourself if any problem arises.


NDIS audits are a norm for service providers, and if you are new to the program, it is natural to be bewildered by the procedure. This can be a long battle that you will have to encounter many times, and to be with you in the process; Fronto can help you prepare for your NDIS audit. Fronto Advisory excels at NDIS audit preparation, and they are more than willing to help you pass your official audit with flying colours. Contact them, and their professional advisors will help you to the best of their ability.

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