Nursing Services And The NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government scheme that allows participants more freedom and autonomy over the support they get.

You might already be getting NDIS nursing services, but did you know that not all nursing care is eligible for funding through the NDIS? 

In this post, we answer some FAQs on the types of nursing support that the NDIS can provide to you, as well as some advice on how to secure the funds you require.

Why are only some nursing services funded by the NDIS?

The NDIS is made to support your independence and provide you the ability to take care of yourself. Because of this, the NDIS provides funding for “capacity building” nursing supports like training and evaluation. These services will be listed under the Support Area “Improved Daily Living” in your NDIS plan.

What NDIS nursing services am I eligible to claim?

The NDIS will pay for “capacity-building” nursing supports like:

Nurse-led training that enables you, a family member, or a support worker to provide support like medication reminders and basic wound care.

An evaluation of your needs for services and a degree of support by a licensed nurse, such as a continence assessment.

All nursing services provided under the NDIS must meet the following criteria: relate to your disability, improve your long-term wellness, be provided by a nurse, and be time-limited.

Following nursing services are not covered by the NDIS:

  • Funded by your state’s healthcare system or another alternative programme (or should be funded by one of those sources).
  • Unrelated to your disability in any way.
  • Not required to be delivered by a nurse.
  • Not regarded as “building capacity.”

How can I make sure my NDIS Plan covers nursing services?

The nursing services you presently receive from any other providers, the nursing services you want to receive in the future under the NDIS, and the ways in which they support your independence and capacity-building should all be explicitly mentioned during the meeting with the NDIS.

Tips for securing NDIS funding for nursing care.

Have a plan 

Spend some time considering the nursing supports you already receive and will likely require in the future before your planning meeting with the NDIS. Note the ways in which these supports enhance your daily life, the reasons a nurse is necessary to offer them, and the ways in which they increase your capacity.

Express yourself clearly 

Make sure your NDIS Planning meeting is crystal clear regarding your nursing requirements. Bring someone who knows you well and can support you if it will help. 

Go over your plan in detail

Verify that the appropriate category for your needs is listed in your NDIS plan. Nursing must be listed in the description and can only be claimed under “Improved Daily Living Skills.” 

Seek assistance 

You can always reach out to Enable U if you’re unsure of how to show the connection between your nursing support and your disability, are dissatisfied with your NDIS Plan, or have any other queries about nursing and the NDIS.

You can rely on Enable U, a registered NDIS service provider, to lead and support you every step of the way.

Achieve Wellness With Enable U

Enable U offers NDIS nursing services in Sydney. They support you and your progress towards your NDIS goals. They strive to help NDIS participants to achieve their goals and ambitions with the right help. With quality resources and support, they are determined to improve your conditions through our support services. 


For more information, visit their homepage or contact them!

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