REGISTER IN INDIA Prior to going over the brand names you can enroll in India, we really want to evaluate what the various kinds of brand names are and the way that they capability in India.


The term brand name can be characterized as any unmistakable emblem, expression, word or image that means a particular item or administration and assists one with lawfully recognizing any remaining items or administrations of its sort. It lawfully ties an item’s ID to its image while perceiving the organization’s responsibility for same.


A brand name should be enrolled to keep results of a comparative kind from being definite imitations or being confused as each other. Brand name enlistment permits clients to remember one item from one more in light of brand worth and steadfastness to the brand name or image which is reserved.


The kinds of brand names that can be enlisted in India by The Trademarks Act of 1999, are as per the following:

Words and Service Marks
These are the most regularly enrolled brand names in India. They allude to any imprints that are utilized to distinguish the items and administrations of any exchanging organization or administration giving organization. Administration marks allude to the administrations your organization is managing in, which are documented under brand name classes 35-45.

On the off chance that the name of the item or administration is text-based it’ll be enrolled under the words and administration marks in India. A main illustration of the equivalent is the word Nestle, which is reserved under the Word-Mark. FedEx is an eminent dispatch conveyance administration which is reserved under the Service Mark.

Shape Marks
The states of merchandise are arranged under Trade Dress which relates to the presence of the item. The Coca Cola bottle is a genuine illustration of the equivalent, the state of the jug which is reserved by the organization recognizes the item from all its different rivals on the lookout.

Logos and Symbols
Logos and images can be characterized as the printed figure/plan or character or painted plan or figures that demonstrate the organization’s name, administration or item’s name. They contain no letters, words or numerals. For word denotes that likewise utilize a logo the brand name should be enlisted both as a word mark as well as a gadget mark. In India, the enlistment for both can be made in a solitary brand name application. The image for Apple is a genuine illustration of logos and images brand name.

Aggregate Mark
The aggregate brand name is connected with a gathering and not a particular item or administration. These brand names are normally possessed by an association, establishment or any affiliations. They can be used by individuals from the association to address them as a piece of the entirety.

For instance, a sanctioned bookkeeper is qualified for the condensing, CA as they are an enlisted individual from the Institute of Chartered Accountants which has reserved the personality.

Series Mark
Series marks are brand names which have a typical syllable, prefix or postfix meaning the group of imprints sharing a typical name. For instance, the prefix ‘Mc’ is reserved by McDonald’s and utilized on the vast majority of its items.

Geological Indicators
Geological pointers are utilized on items to address the special nature, notoriety, and quality the items have in light of their geographic spot of beginning. These markers are granted by the GI Registry to regular, rural, made and handiwork items that come from a particular geological beginning. Darjeeling Tea is a GI under the Intellectual Property Rights.

Accreditation Mark
The accreditation mark is evidence that the organization has satisfied specific quality guidelines to acquire the affirmation and separate it from different items or administrations of its sort. They’re normally granted by a guaranteeing body after the item has been tried to satisfy foreordained guidelines. For instance, the FSSAI certificate is granted to bundled food items.

Brand name enrollment is a significant stage towards a fruitful business as it disposes of any opportunity of misappropriation of your items or administrations by rival brands. In India, the brand name enrollment is controlled and overseen by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, (Office of the Registrar of Trademarks), Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India.

Brand names can be claimed by any individual, LLP, or association. The brand name stays legitimate for a time of a decade from the date of enrollment, following which it should be reestablished for additional use.

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