Spiti Valley Trip Planning: A Comprehensive Travel Guide


Spiti valley is an Indian mountain valley located in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in India. You can reach this beautiful spot by train or road. Spiti Valley has many interesting trekking trails, which are ideal for adventurers who enjoy spending long hours outdoors. This place can also be reached by bus or air. There are buses that take you to Spiti valley from Chandigarh (near Delhi).


How do you get to Spiti


Spiti Valley, located at 2000m above sea level in the Himalayas is found in the Himalayas. It’s a beautiful place to explore.


Spiti valley is part of Himachal Pradesh. This includes Sirmaur, Shimla, and other districts like Mandi Kullu, Kangra, and Kullu.


The best way to see Spiti Valley


Spiti Valley can be explored in many ways. It is possible to travel by bus, air, rail, or road. You can also ride horses or camels through the mountains. If you wish to explore the valley better, a car is a good option. However, there are certain areas that are not accessible so make sure you have your helmet.


You can either ride your bike on your own or hire a taxi driver and his horses to take you up to the hills, where there are even more stunning views!


The Suitable time to visit

Spiti valley is located in Himachal Pradesh, India’s north-eastern region. It covers 6,595 km2. It is surrounded on all sides by high mountains and has many rivers running through it. You can reach it by road from Manali (45km) or Dharamshala (77.5 km). Two main modes of transport are available: bus or jeep service.



It costs approximately Rs 1,500 per person for a one-way trip between Manali & Leh. Private taxis can also be hired at an additional charge if you don’t wish to share your vehicle and other passengers on your journey into Spiti valley.


Visit places in Spiti Valley



Chandratal is the place to be. It is located in Spiti valley, on the banks Shyok River. There are many ancient temples and other archaeological sites. It is best to visit this area between October and April, when there are fewer tourists. This allows you to enjoy a quiet time with your friends or family.


Chandratal can be reached in two ways: either by private car or via air transport. You can drive to Kibber if you choose to travel via road. Once at the split, continue onwards towards Yamunotri. The other road leads down towards Spiti valley through Chintpurni Pass. This route is free to choose, as it crosses private land that is owned by residents who live nearby.


Explore Chandratal once you’re there, including Pangong Lake (the highest lake in the world), Shatrughna Temple, and many other beautiful sights that make it worth returning to again and again.


Top spots to visit in Spiti valley


  1. Kibber
  2. Tso Moriri
  3. Kaza
  4. Tabo


Things to Do in Spiti Valley


Spiti Valley is a great place to relax, enjoy nature and explore. This area is rich with biodiversity and offers many attractions that will make your visit memorable.

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Beautiful monasteries can be found in Spiti Valley. These monasteries were constructed during British rule in India by Tibetans who immigrated from Tibet to India. These monasteries were built to worship Buddha, who was also known as Lord Shiva.


For a unique experience, take a trip to Spiti valley. It combines spirituality with adventure.

Spiti valley is an important place for the Buddhist community as well as the Hindu community. It is sacred to Jains. There are many monasteries and nunneries in the region that offer spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, and chanting prayers.


Some people have called Spiti Valley the “wettest place on Earth”, while others have called it the “driest” because it is high up (4200m above sea level). It receives an average of 1-2m per year in rainfall. This makes it difficult for trees and plants to thrive here.



You can travel to Spiti Valley by booking a train or hiring a taxi as it is part of Himachal Pradesh. Before you can drive here in your own car, you must first get permission from the police station.

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